The Last Hero

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  • Book Name:The Last Hero
  • Book Author:Nathaniel Danes
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  • Book ASIN:B00NI5UGPI
  • Language:English
  • Date of Publication:October 14, 2014
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Contact with a race of pacifists convinces mankind to lay down its weapons and keep the peace. The last Medal of Honor recipient, Trent Maxwell, trades glory for the comforts of a family after the U.S. Army disbands. All that ends when an alien menace attacks the New Earth colony, which forces a crash mobilization. Trent finds himself reactivated and traveling through space to distant worlds, in order to stop this new enemy. During the century long journey of death, love, and loss, he also deals with the law of relativity that wreaks havoc with his daughter.

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“If I may, where did you get the idea for such an attack?” “Wish I could take all the credit.” He swung the MRG onto a shoulder. “The feint attack was a favorite tactic of the Mongols. They used it time and again to draw confident and aggressive enemies into bad situations. Seemed like it might work here.” “I might need to brush up on my Mongol history.”