The Bride Wore White (Burning Cove, California, 7)

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A woman wakes up in a honeymoon suite dressed in a wedding gown, next to the groom. Problem is, she’s not the bride and he’s been murdered. Amanda Quick returns to the 1930s glamour of Burning Cove, California, where everyone has a secret they would kill to hide…

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“It was just a dream, Mrs. Dover. You should not take it seriously.” “Normal people do not take their dreams seriously, but I am not a normal dreamer. My dreams have meaning. They are the means by which I access my paranormal senses. I cannot and will not ignore them.” Maud sighed. “I will make sure Henry has the car ready at the proper time.” When you worked for Clara Dover, you learned early on that once her mind was made up, there was no talking her out of a plan. You also learned that there was no point delaying bad news. Maud took a deep breath. “Rollins phoned before you woke up,” she said. “He was at a gas station. He informed me that he and Ella are on their way here to Burning Cove. They got on the road early this morning and expect to arrive midafternoon.” “What?” Anger flashed in Clara’s fever-bright eyes. “He intends to interfere with Gilbert’s plan. That is so like Rollins. He was always jealous of his brother. Now he cannot abide the knowledge that Gilbert is able to contact me from the Other Side.” “For the last time, Gilbert is dead,” Maud said. “There is no plan to punish Prudence Ryland. Your sleep has been very disturbed of late. You are—” She managed to stop herself before she let the word hallucinating slip out. Any reference to mental instability was guaranteed to drive Clara into a fury. “I believe that you are misinterpreting your dreams.” “Visions,” Clara said. “Dr. Flood has made it very clear that what I am experiencing are visions, not ordinary dreams. Thanks to his medicine, the door to my psychic senses has been fully opened.” “You are having nightmares, Mrs. Dover. Anxiety attacks.” “Only because I am going through an adjustment period as I learn how to control my enhanced paranormal senses. Never mind. Whatever you do, you must not breathe a word of my intention to confront the witch at the spa to Rollins or his wife. I will not be stopped.” “I understand, Mrs. Dover.” “They can’t stay here. I won’t have that woman underfoot.” “Mr. Dover said he had booked a room at a local hotel,” Maud said.