Secret projects of the Kriegsmarine

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  • Book Name:Secret projects of the Kriegsmarine
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  • Date of Publication:March 30, 2022
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The Secret Projects of the German Kriegsmarine in World War II gives a comprehensive overview of advanced German naval building, and excitingly includes previously unseen, secret projects. This book is relatively short, yet densely packed with historical naval insight. It will thus appeal to the busy reader interested in boat modelling, or indeed anyone who is fascinated with naval warfare. The designs covered by the title are wide-ranging, from U-boats and hydrofoils, to submarines, explosive motorboats and even aircraft carriers. Not simply presenting information on functioning prototypes, this book highlights a number of theoretical projects for hydrofoils, landing craft and heavy surface units, among many others. Also included are technical examinations of the ‘Z-Plan’ Kreigsmarine build up and the ill-fated Graf Zeppelin, which was abandoned halfway through the war, amid wrangling between the Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe. Secret Projects of the German Kriegsmarine in World War II features little-studied designs, like tracked amphibious vehicles equipped with breathing gear, as well as the Luftwaffe-designed Siebel ferries that saw considerable service on the Eastern front. All the information is extremely well-illustrated, being accompanied by detailed drawings, action-packed photographs and artist’s impressions of the different crafts. The historical snapshots, combined with modern, labelled drawings, help to put the past in perspective and bring to life the naval building projects.

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submerged. The vessel possessed natural positive buoyancy that was counteracted by the flooding of 200-litre compensating tanks located on either side of the forward operator’s position. The original blueprint design had called for a vessel with a 145-km radius of action, but with no small compass readily available a large gyrocompass installation, including transformer, was included that increased the vessel’s size and dramatically reduced its range. Hecht Technical Details Displacement: 12 tons Length: 10.4 metres Width: 1.7 metres Diameter: 1.3 metres Propulsion: 12-hp (9-kW) AEG electric torpedo motor Speed: 6 knots (11.1 km/h) Range: 69 naut. miles @ 4 knots (127.7 km @ 7.4 km/h) Crew: 2 Armament: 1 × G7e TIIIc 533-mm torpedo, or 1 mine