Rising Chaos (Paldimori Gods Rising #3)

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  • Book Name:Rising Chaos (Paldimori Gods Rising #3)
  • Book Author:T.L. Callahan
  • Book Series:Book 3 in the Paldimori Gods Rising series
  • Book ASIN:B083HX9K93
  • Language:English
  • Date of Publication:January 21, 2020
  • PDF File Size:1.14Mb
  • EPUB File Size:0.70Mb
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Lia Davies – The truth could destroy everything.The Paldimori Gods are rising, and my powers are growing, but I’m no closer to solving the puzzle of the prophecy. Bennett whisks me away to the House of Chaos hidden in the mountains of Montana for what I think is some R and u0026R. Instead, I’m thrust into training to become his co-ruler.Torn between my duties as a Kyrion-In-Training and as a Chosen, I’m failing on all fronts. When shocking revelations come to light, the life I’ve just begun to re-build is put in jeopardy. Some truths will set you free and some will break you completely.

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I-I’ll try harder to believe.” I forced a smile and kissed his lips. But his words echoed through my head playing on my doubts: “Now that you—the Chosen—have joined us nothing is impossible.” Was I still only a tool to him? The instrument that would be used to defeat his enemies and forge a kingdom of gods? If I joined the ranks of Kyrion would my powers even be my own any longer or just a shared pool from which all six Kyrion could draw strength? Some hint of my doubts and fears must have leaked through our connection because Bennett sighed and took my hands. “There will never be enough words to tell you how truly sorry I am for bonding with you and not telling you what that meant. For letting Natalie’s lies color my judgment of you.” He turned my hands over and pressed a kiss into each palm. “But I will spend a lifetime trying to atone. Know that these small hands hold all of my heart.” The doubts and fears melted away as I gripped his hands. “And I will spend a lifetime loving you, Bennett Theo Young.” rewbook.com