On the Meaning of Sex: Thoughts about the New Definition of Woman

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  • Book Name:On the Meaning of Sex: Thoughts about the New Definition of Woman
  • Book Author:Kajsa Ekis Ekman
  • Book ISBN:9781925950663
  • Language:English
  • Date of Publication:September 22, 2023
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A new definition of woman has taken hold in Western societies. Instead of a matter of biology and material reality, we are told it is an identity. Anyone who declares herself to be a woman is a woman; the body has henceforth become irrelevant. Gender, we are told, is a spectrum, and it resides in the mind. In countries such as Norway, Canada, Argentina, and Australia, laws have been enacted that give anyone the right to change his or her legal sex, irrespective of whether the person has had a medical procedure. At the same time, the industry for gender reassignment surgery is growing at an unprecedented pace. Seven out of 10 teenagers who seek treatment are now girls. The new definition of sex has been hailed as progressive. But is it really? And is it new? In this groundbreaking book, Swedish feminist and Marxist author Kajsa Ekis Ekman traces the ideological roots of this new definition.

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WPATH lobbies intensively to get company health insurance to cover hormone treatment and surgery and has entered into a partnership with Starbucks, which offers free breast removal for female staff and free of charge implants for male staff – though it does not offer the procedures the other way around.123 Pritzker family members also sit on boards of university institutes for sexuality and trans studies. Apart from the lucrative investment opportunity offered by an industry with 25 per cent predicted growth, it is possible that a genuine personal motivation exists in this speci�c case. Colonel James Pritzker, Republican, paratrooper and billionaire founder of war museums became Jennifer Natalya Pritzker in 2013 and thereby appeared on America’s richest women list overnight.124 Jennifer’s cousin is Illinois governor J. B. Pritzker, who decreed the state’s healthcare would cover hormone treatment and gender reassignment surgery.125 us, the same group that funds clinics not only �nances studies on their activities but also passes laws making taxpayers foot the bill for it all. “Healthcare is a right, not a privilege,” the governor proudly declared. He has further presided over making all Illinois toilets gender neutral, requiring all public schools in the state to teach history that includes the contributions of transgender people, as well as setting up a trans task force of 25 staff, handpicked by the governor, whose remit is to ensure that trans and non- binary people’s rights are respected.126 ese could be considered positive steps. e problem is that what are being referred to as ‘rights’ are not what is ordinarily understood by the term, such as the right to not be bullied or subjected to discrimination, but a full-scale ideological change of course. Merely a year aer its foundation, the task force has ensured that all school staff understand gender identity is “… unrelated to the person’s sex assigned at birth. Gender identity is an innate part of a person’s identity” and has required schools to establish Gender Support Plans and hire Gender Support Coordinators whose role it is to acknowledge and support individuals in their gender identity. Disclosing an individual’s gender identity is not permitted as it “violates state and federal privacy laws,” though this can be a difficult balancing act since staff must simultaneously not misgender as “persistent misgendering is a form of bullying and harassment.” Should parents or guardians not support a student in their transitioning, a Gender Support Coordinator ought to intervene and