Logan (Chosen Champions #1)

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Logan Moore is a leader without a pack…And after the rejection he faced from his last pack, he’s not sure he wants one. But when a mysterious benefactor he nicknames The Oracle offers Logan the chance to use his military expertise to lead a group of misfit shifters to protect the creatures of the magical realm, Logan’s wolf won’t allow him to say no.Bailey Cairn is a man without a protector…And for the entirety of his very human life, he hasn’t needed one. But when his friend is attacked at a bar, sweet, caretaker Bailey is drawn into a world he hadn’t known existed. A world full of secrets, and magic. A world full of danger… and gorgeous, protective Logan.But if Bailey and Logan want to break the chains of the past, they’ll have to learn to trust each other and themselves, and start to believe in things that are bigger than they are…That magic exists.That packs are about more than blood ties.That sometimes true love is a matter of fate.And that heroes aren’t made…they’re Chosen.

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“Oh, that sounds good.” “And now I know you’ve got it bad. You hadn’t even planned out your breakfast order yet?” Bailey closed the menu and pushed it out of the way. “I hadn’t even spared a single thought to it. I do have it bad.” “Oh, this is serious.” They ordered their breakfast and waited until the server came back with a pot of coffee for the table. Bailey put too much milk and sugar in his. “Talk to me, Bails. Was it… not good? Did something happen?” “Oh, no. It was good. Really good. But I woke up and he was gone, and I panicked. He’d texted, though, before you start making plans to make him disappear. He had to go to work. But still, my brain went to bad places, and I hate that, you know?” “I wish I knew why you don’t see yourself the way we see you.” Bailey shrugged and drank his coffee. “So… define good. Like, screaming-orgasm-you-passed-out good? Or it- was-nice good.” “Definitely the first.” “Is he hung?” Bailey choked on his coffee. “Let’s say he’s just right.” Ashley fake swooned and leaned back against the booth. “Just right is the best. Did I ever tell you about the guy I hooked up with once who was so big I was like, ‘No way. That Tab A doesn’t fit into my Slot B.’” “What? Really?” Ashley nodded and leaned forward. “No lie, it was as long as my forearm and about as big around. I’d have felt it in my throat, and not in a good way. I was worried I’d be damaged. For reals.”