Life Sucks (The Series That Just Plain Sucked, #3 4)

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  • Book Name:Life Sucks (The Series That Just Plain Sucked, #3 4)
  • Book Author:Charissa Dufour
  • Book Series:BOOKSERIES
  • Book ISBN:9781310961038
  • Date of Publication:January 27, 2015
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Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. Josh Franklin, a struggling jazz pianist in the 1950s, is about to learn just what sort of mystical turns life can take when you impress a vampire.

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Josh felt more hot blood seep around his hair. He waited, thinking any minute the dim light of the ally would fade away and he would float up into eternity. To his utmost disgust, he remained half conscious, his body screaming out its different agonies. “Hey, it’s the heat!” yelled one of the men. “The police,” cried another. “Run!” cried the third. Josh felt his main attacker release his hear, his head thumping against the pavement again. He didn’t move, knowing his injuries were beyond any doctors. If only he would drop into unconsciousness again. Death would be easy, if he could be comatose for it. But his mind refused to let him go. Slowly, he began to feel warm blood press against his shoulders. Soon, he told himself. Soon. But where were the police? They had run away because of the police, right? A second later, he heard the familiar clop of high-heels. No, not a woman. A woman shouldn’t have to see this. Josh closed his eyes, too ashamed to see the look of shock and disgust in the woman’s eyes as she saw his bleeding and battered body. He tried to call out, to warn her away from the scene, but he couldn’t seem to find his lips. “I thought as much,” he heard the woman say. Josh felt her kneel beside him. What was she doing? “You’ll be okay, little pianist,” she murmured softly. Was she a nurse of some sort? Could he possibly live through this? Josh kept his eyes closed, refusing to believe the woman’s kind words. He suddenly felt her lifting him up with an arm tucked under his shoulders. His head lulled back, the movement sending a fresh wave of agony through his entire body. A second later, Josh felt two sharp pricks on his neck. Was she giving him pain medication? The sharp pain continued, distracting him from the other pain in his body, until he felt the darkness invade his mind. Just when unconsciousness seemed inevitable, the sharp pain retreated. Josh felt the woman press something against his mouth, a warm liquid wetting his lips. Josh licked his lips out of habit, enjoying the salty taste, despite his current state. Finally, when Josh didn’t think he could handle the pain any long, oblivion took him into its warm embrace.