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Nick Hornby meets Patti Smith, Mean Streets meets A Visit From the Goon Squad in this quintessential New York City story about two people who knew each other in the downtown music scene in the 1980s, meet again in the present day, and fall in love.Mike knew June in New York’s downtown music scene in the eighties. Back then, he thought she was and “the living night–all the glamour and potential of a New York night when you’re 25. and ” Now he’s twice divorced and happy to be alone–so happy he’s writing a book about it. Then he meets June again. and “And here she was with a raincoat over the back of the chair talking about getting a divorce and saying she’s done with relationships. Her ice-calm eyes are the same, the same her glory of curls. and “Jacket Weather is about awakening to love–dizzying, all-consuming, worldview-shaking love–when it’s least expected. It’s also about remaining alert to today’s pleasures–exploring the city, observing the seasons, listening to the guys at the gym–while time is slipping away. Told in fragments of narrative, reveries, recipes, bits of conversation and snatches of weather, the book collapses a decade in Mike and June’s life and shifts a reader to a glowing nostalgia for the present.

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JANE: Joe [Sicari, her neighbor] called me the other night he wants to go for a walk. So we walked . . . along West 12th Street to Hudson and then back again, and then he decided we should go to Good Stuff Diner, and then I got very angry at Good Stuff so we left Good Stuff— JUNE [laughing]: Why did you get angry? JANE: Because—I spend a lot of money in there. I really do. And there was nobody in there. And, um. And I know they get very crowded around two or three because there are clubs around there and they’ve already had three shootings. But it’s too early for them, and lots of booths and tables and everything, so Joe says “We’re just gonna have a cup of coffee.” So the man says “Would you like to have a cup of coffee at a table by the window?” I said “No I’d like to have a cup of coffee in a booth.” JUNE: Yeah. JANE: And he didn’t want us to sit at the booth so I just said “I’m leaving, goodbye. Have a good time with—” JUNE: So what’d you guys do instead? JANE: So. Then Joe said “Why don’t we go in the Donut Pub?” and I said “Okay, let’s do that.” JUNE: Ohhhh no . . . JANE: I’m still on the No Donut Diet, don’t worry. But— JUNE: But you did manage to eat what? JANE: Nothing, no no. But, in the Donut Pub now, there’s a man, an older man, and he’s in there doing magic tricks for everybody and he’s got these puzzles on the counter, and . . . MIKE: I’ve seen him in there. JUNE: So you’re going to the Donut Pub too now? MIKE: I like to keep abreast of developments in— JUNE: When were you in there? MIKE: I was in there with Pete or something. And this magician was there. JANE: He’s really good. And he’s really sweet. But he twawks like dis, y’know, he’s got that very Bronx— I can’t even do it, but I mean it’s