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Alexei Gurgov put his dark past behind him. Running a bookshop and living a quiet life in London, he has very few expectations. Then one night, his life is irrevocably changed, when he’s mugged in an alley. Instead of going to the police, Alexei tracks down the mugger and learns he’s merely a starving man trying to get by. Offering him a job and a place to stay, Alexei is determined to help make it right. The one thing he doesn’t expect, however, is to fall for his sudden flatmate. Will this be his own version of a storybook romance, or are they star-crossed lovers, determined to burn bright, then fall apart?

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Alexei’s legs began to shake as August’s tongue and throat worked him, and he felt his face growing hot with his impending orgasm. August hummed then, an almost-groan, and it vibrated all around Alexei’s hard cock. “Oh, oh fuck, if you do that, I’m going to…to,” Alexei gasped, and clenched his jaw shut when August did it again. He curled his toes, trying to stave off his completion, but it was no use. One good, hard suck and he was coming, his head back, a hoarse shout echoing in the room. When it was over, August pulled away slowly, rising to meet Alexei’s mouth with a firm kiss. His tongue was warm, salty, and it gave Alexei a head rush to think he was tasting himself on his lover. His fingers quickly fumbled with the front of August’s jeans, and before long, he had his lover’s cock in his hand, stroking hard. August gasped, pressing his forehead against Alexei’s collarbone as he thrust himself into Alexei’s palm. It only took a moment before he was spilling, white fluid rushing over Alexei’s knuckles. Alexei pulled his hand away, swiping it on the side of the trousers, and he tipped August’s head up for another kiss. “Well,” he murmured against warm lips, “that was unexpected.” August chuckled, reaching up with both hands to run his fingers into Alexei’s curls. “Mm. And lovely.” “Lovely indeed.” He pressed his nose against August’s cheek and breathed him in, basking in the warm feeling settled in the centre of his chest. “I’m going to clean up, and maybe sort out tea for tonight.” August pulled back, tucking himself back into his jeans, and he ruffled his hair back into place. “I was going to keep the shop open late, actually. We’ve got a shipment coming in this evening, and I wanted to get it all stocked since I won’t be here tomorrow.” Alexei raised his eyebrow. “Church, is it?” August shrugged. “Does it bother you?” He opened the door and let the cool air flood over them. “Will this ever be a problem?” Alexei’s second eyebrow joined the first as he followed August into the main room. “What? Our religion?” When August shrugged, Alexei let out a small peal of laughter. “Darling, we’re raging queers getting each other off in supply cupboards. If that’s not going to put me at odds with your God, then me not being a Catholic certainly isn’t.”